A minimum repair fee is £5.00. Our work shop rate is 40p per minute or £30.00 per hour.

  • Service includes for
  • £29.00
  • Wheels checked trued and hubs adjusted.
  • Gears tuned and indexed correctly. Cables checked for wear.
  • Brakes adjusted, pads and cables checked for wear.
  • Bottom bracket checked and adjusted.
  • Drive train lubricated.
  • Tyres checked and inflated correctly.
  • Headset checked and adjusted.
  • Parts and accessories that we supply fitted labour free.
  • Full safety check & test ride.
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This allows us to get a full overview of the bicycle and if we find any cost incurring items we will be able to quote on an individual basis. We believe this is a far more cost-effective route for our customers than offering a tiered service tariff.

Wheel build £25.00

Brake bleed £10.00

Puncture repair £8 – £15
Depending on the innertube required (innertube included)

Bottom Bracket Service £16
Remove and install new bottom bracket or replace,
grease & adjust bearings plus set up gears.

Headset Service £16
Remove and install new headset or replace and grease bearings.

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